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Stamps - Xstamper

Acco - Stamps - Xstamper - Xstamper pre inked office stamps $18.00 each incl GST (NOT CUSTOM MADE)

This range is an example of standard stock office stamps. Many more available. CUSTOM MADE STAMPS ARE NO...


Stamps - Automatic mumberer

ApexNZ - Stamps - Automatic mumberer - Plus E 8 wheel metal automatic numberer $295.00

FEATURES *    Character size 5.8mm *    Number of wheels: 8 *    Actions: 0,1,2,3,4,6,1...


Stamps - Automatic mumberer

Astron - Stamps - Automatic mumberer - Suremark 6 wheel metal automatic numberer $115.00

Suremark metal automatic numberer has 6 wheels and 7 actions - repeat,consecutive,duplicate,triplicate, quadruplicate, 6...

Astron - Stamps - Common Seal - Foldastamp 45 x 45mm $30.00

Foldastamp (45 x 45mm) folds flat in a perspex holder. Commonly used for common seals for companies, stratas and incorp...

Astron - Stamps - Common Seal - L20 Vuestamp 40 x 40mm $25.00

This is our most common hand stamp for all round and square Common Seals for Incorporated Organisations, Companies and S...

Astron - Stamps - Stamp pad ink - Justrite UV Invisible Ink 59ml $24.00

Justrite UV Invisible Ink comes in 59ml bottle.

Astron - Stamps - Stamp pad ink - Shiny premium white ink 60ml bottle $49.00

Shiny spremium white ink comes in 60ml bottle. This ink is suitable for all brands of self inking stamps and stamp pads...

Astron - Stamps - Stamp pad ink - Shiny stamp pad ink 25ml bottle $12.00

Shiny stamp pad ink comes in 25ml bottle. This ink is suitable for all brands of self inking stamps and stamp pads.

Astron - Stamps - Vuestamps - Hand stamp

Hand stamps come in approx 50 sizes from 10mm square up to 100 x 60mm.  Prices vary according to size. For example...